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Western Trail Saddles and Pleasure Saddles For Sale

Trail riders need a good quality saddle that is comfortable as many of them spend hours in the saddle and sometimes days at a time. The trail saddles we offer are dependable and comfortable with a deep seat to sit you down in the saddle. We offer a wide selection of quality Corriente trail saddles for sale with different options to fit you and your needs. These are the trail riding saddles and pleasure riding saddles for sale. Each saddle includes the back cinch, offstrap, latigo, and stirrups. The trail riding saddles usually weigh about 35 pounds. Each saddle is hand made and custom built for you and once ordered we begin immediately working on your saddle. Once ordered, your saddle should take about 30-40 days to arrive to you. Once your saddle is ready, we ship the saddle to the address you provide to us. Remember the prices you see include shipping to you if you live in the continental United States. Thank you for looking.