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Corriente Calf Roper Saddle SB200


$ 855.00 

Nothing feels better than a good fitting roping saddle. This is a Corriente Calf Roping saddle. It is built on a stout tree with a wooden base and rawhide covering. The gullet measures 7 inches wide and quarter horse bars to fit a wide variety of horses. This saddle is made to keep the rider in the center while roping. With the TM (Toots Mansfield) front end and 3" cantle is it the perfect way to keep a rider square in the saddle while running up to a calf as well as enough cantle to not throw you back when the horse leaves hard. This low cantle helps calf ropers by letting them have room to step off fast. The seat jockey and bottom skirting is rough out to hold you in  the saddle and tooled fenders and back skirting to look pretty. This saddle has a chocolate colored padded seat for comfort and beautiful new flower tooling. Saddles could take 30-35 days to arrive.