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Corriente Ranch Association Saddle SB339A


$ 925.00 

This association saddle is immaculate and all hand tooled to make it an absolute work of art.This saddle is a working saddle as well so it includes all the bare essentials a cowboy needs. This saddle is built on a modified association style tree started with a wooden base and rawhide covered for maximum strength. With a stout tree this saddle is made to rope out of. It has a wade horn that is made to hold the weight of a cow and more surface area to stop one as well. The horn measures 3.5" tall and has a cap of 3.5" This saddle features a thicker swell and hard seat for a more laid back ride for those long days in the saddle. It has a 4" cantle to give the rider a secure seat and 7" gullet to fit a wide variety of horses. The saddle is set on quarter horse bars. This saddle is fully tooled wild rose and is absolutely stunning to look at. The back of the seat has a cheyenne roll and brass hardware. We put brass hardware and the 7/8 drop plate rigging. Saddles could take 30-35 days to arrive.