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Corriente Youth 13" Ranch Wade Saddle SB440


$ 705.00 

Here is a wade saddle that will hold up to what the ranch has to offer. This saddle is built on a wade A-fork tree started with a wooden base and rawhide covered for maximum strength. With a stout tree this saddle is made to rope out of. It has a wade horn 3.5" tall with a 3.5" horn cap that is used for heavy pulling. This saddle does not have swells for a more laid back ride for those long days in the saddle. It has a 4" cantle to give the rider a secure seat and 7" gullet to fit a wide variety of horses. The saddle is set on quarter horse bars. This saddle is rough out where you sit and basket tooled on the front swells and back skirting.  We put round skirts on the saddle and brass hardware. We put brass hardware on the saddle as well as 6 strings. We put brass rigging set at 7/8 drop plate position. To fit kids legs we have two different sized fenders. We have the fenders we use in the 12 inch saddles and we also have the 13" fenders (this saddle in the picture has the 13" fenders) as well which are a little bigger. We recommend the 12" fender for normal size ages 7-9 and we recommend the 13" fenders for normal size ages 10-when they get too big for the saddle. Please choose which would work for you when ordering. Saddles could take 30-35 days to arrive.