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Corriente Team Roping Saddle SB127


$ 675.00 

Nothing feels better than a good fitting roping saddle. This is a Corriente Team Roping saddle. It is built on a stout tree with a wooden base and rawhide covering. The gullet measures 7 inches wide and quarter horse bars to fit a wide variety of horses. This saddle is made to keep the rider in the center while roping. With the OY front end and 3 1/2" cantle is it the perfect way to keep a rider square in the saddle while running up to a steer as well as enough cantle to not throw you back when a head horse leaves hard. The saddle is smooth out to give the saddle a clean same look throughout as well as keep the rider in the seat of the saddle and wild rose tooled for very eye appealing look. This saddle has a chocolate seat for comfort. Saddles could take 30-35 days to arrive.